Welcome to WasteLand BBS on the Web.  This website is host to a large Information System providing services for Telnet, Rlogin, Internet Email, FTP File Transfers, NNTP NewsGroups, Message Boards, Online Games, Online Chat, and much more!  First online in 1991, WasteLand has evolved and changed over the years morphing from a vintage Dial-Up BBS System into a Full-Featured Internet Information System.

The WasteLand BBS System consists of (4) Servers of mixed platforms all networked and working together.  At the heart of the System is Synchronet BBS Software which provides many of the Free Services available to our Users.  Many people of the "Internet Generation" are not aware of the History of the Dial-Up BBS System.  These systems consisted of a computer and modem(s) coupled with a BBS Software package that allowed users to dial into the system with a modem and Read Messages, Download Files, Play Games, Chat with each other, and more.  These systems were sort of a predecessor to the Internet offering many of the same features current Internet users enjoy.  Many BBS Systems were and still are networked with sometimes hundreds and even thousands of other BBS Systems.

Wasteland BBS is constantly evolving and changing as new features and capabilities our added to Synchronet BBS Software which is an Open Source BBS package for DOS, OS/2, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT/2000/XP, FreeBSD, Unix, and Linux platforms.  Synchronet is currently being developed aggressively and is truly evolving into a very impressive piece of software, tightly integrating many of the most popular Internet Protocols.  Many of the services provided are available in several formats.  Synchronet is blurring the line between an old-school BBS System and a full Internet Information System by offering both the Traditional BBS Features such as the Classic Door Games (ie. LORD, TW2002, Global War, and More!) as well as new "Internet Age" services such as FTP File Transfers, NNTP Message Reading and Posting, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), HTTP, and much more.

If you are not familiar with a BBS System, or if you remember Dial-Up BBS Systems but are not sure how to connect with Telnet, please head to the Login Now! page to Connect to the BBS System and enjoy our BBS System.  

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