BBS Door Games are interactive, multi-player BBS based games where users can play games with other users. These are very popular with BBS users.

These games include Role-Playing, Strategy, Combat, Gambling Games, and More.

Here is a list of just a few of the more popular Door Games available on this BBS System.

  • Global War
    Designed for three to six players; Global War is an on-line game based on the hit board game Risk. In this adaptation; you compete against other players for world domination. The globe is divided into six continents; with a total of 42 countries; the first player to conquer all 42 nations wins the game.

  • Trade Wars 2002
    The new home to Trade Wars 2002 and the more advanced Trade Wars 2002 Gold. It is also home to the Trade Wars Game Server (TWGS) where you can run a telnet TW2002 game WITHOUT a host BBS. TWGS comes in two styles - the regular version (supports up to 100 simultaneous users) or the "lite" version (supports up to 4 simultaneous users).

  • Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD)
    The BBS world's most popular door game ever! Originally by Seth Robinson. Are you a magic user, a thief or a warrior? Be the first to defeat the legendary Red Dragon and impress all your friends. Live the legend, get LORD now! You wake up early, strap your sword to your back, and head out to the Town Square seeking adventure, fame, and honor. You have always wanted to explain the unexplainable. To understand the powerful forces that rule the earth. To tame the beast that oversees all things. Of course, having the power to burn someone by making a gesture wouldn't hurt.

  • Usurper
    Gangwars and partying. Sex, drugs and steriods. Fight monsters and other players in this fascinating game. Be prepared for violent and bizarre nonstop action. Become king!

  • DoorMUD
    Incredible NEW doorgame -- first released in May of 2000 and is ACTIVELY supported! Finally, a true MUD game for BBS systems. 1350+ rooms, great text-style command interface, real-time multi-node player interaction, lots of quests & boss monsters. Supports old DOS BBS systems, as well as 32-bit Windows BBS systems (including natively supporting Synchronet!)

Many More!

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